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Google Organic Keyword Data Now Being Blocked

Posted by: Alex Peerenboom

In the name of privacy, Google made a change last week to the way it reports keywords within Google Analytics.  For users that are signed in through the secured encryption protocol SSL (designated by the S in a URL – and perform a search on, Analytics will start encrypting those search queries. Depending on how deep you analyze your website data, this could have a significant effect.

Webmasters will still see the total number of organic Google visits in reporting, but all the encrypted organic keywords will now be reported as “not provided”.  Google claims that this will effect only single digit percentage of visits, and PPC keywords will not be effected.  Also, no other data will be effected.  Google is still reporting segments, conversion data and more.  Unfortunately for some website owners, especially in eCommerce, it’s important to analyze conversion performance down to the keyword level. Depending on how much traffic the “not provided” generates, it could significant the ability of websites to properly form a strategy.

Encrypted Keywords

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