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RIP Uncle Milton

If I were to ask you who Milton Levine is, would you know? Probably not. If I were to tell you that he may have been responsible for hours upon hours of your enjoyment as a youngster, would I have … Continue reading

Google Boost Gets Its Launch

Back in October we took a look at announcements about Place Search and Google Boost, and the impact they could potentially have on small businesses.  While it was initially rolled out to a few select cities, Google has just revealed … Continue reading

The Mostly Pros…and a few Cons of HTML5

First off, HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML.  It is also an attempt to define a single markup language that can be written in either HTML or XHTML syntax.  That said it has the potential to be amazing … Continue reading

Update to AdWords Ad Sitelinks Serving

Ad sitelinks have become a big success since their release over a year ago, helping advertisers to increase their CTR up to 30% on average.  As a result of sitelinks’ success and popularity, Google decided to improve the way they … Continue reading

Formic Media Free Seminar Series: Website Clinic

Have you ever wondered why your site doesn’t perform like you think it should? Have you racked your brain and spent countless hours trying to understand how to increase your search engine rankings to drive more visits and sales? Curious … Continue reading


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